In favor of brevity, these tutorials assume at least a basic understanding of MMF2 and computer programming in general. Learning the concepts and techniques contained within each tutorial will expand that understanding.

Embedded Collision Detection

Embedded Collision Detectors

Learn how to embedd multiple collision detectors within your objects as single animation frames.

Embedded Collisions Detectors Part 2

Following from the tutorial above, learn how to use an embedded ground detector to maintain transparent space below your objects.


Fast Loop Bullets

Use fast loops to move bullets at any speed with pixel perfect collision detection.

Weather Effects

Falling Rain

Replicate the beauty and promiscuity of falling rain.

Atmospheric Fog

Create seamless atmospheric fog. Perfect for those graveyards, marshlands and alien hives!

Text Blitting

Text Blitting Part 1

Text blit simply with active objects. No extensions required!

Text Blitting Part 2: Menus

A follow up to the tutorial above. Create a fully customisable text blitted menu navigated with the arrow keys.

Text Blitting Part 3: Name Enter Screen

Believe me, nobody wants to type their name into an edit box. Force the user to painstakingly select each individual letter one at a time, retro style!

Multiple Object Instances

Enemy Body Parts

Learn how to efficently handle multiple body part instances and destory them individually.

Skins and Random Attributes

Create multiple instances of the same enemy object, each with their own random skin and speed value.